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Game-based Design

Game-based Design

Serious games can make for serious learning experiences.


Facilitators: David Chandross


Serious games and simulation games are at the cutting edge of training due to the fact that they both engage and improve upon traditional web-based learning. The notorious use of 'content pushing' in weaker online learning can be transformed very easily into highly motivating games for learning across all professions. There is also a ton of good science on how gamification works on a brain level and its impact on motivation, enjoyment in learning and marking achievement.


In order to use serious games properly a designer must integrate three fields of study: learning theory, game design and digital media narrative/storytellling. These are very different fields and using them together in a rational way is what we are going to focus on during this course. It is easy to fail in serious game design and the results are costly. It is equally easy to be successful in this approach, but it takes some training to do so.

Build games, build retention and increase engagement

Gamification is on the cutting edge of educational technology and refers to the use of game mechanics and engagement strategies on non-game settings.  We will show you how to get started with the development of serious games for your digital learning courses.  The workshop is fully gamified, you get to experience it directly. 

PriceFrom C$949.95
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