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Facilitating Learning II - The Authentic Facilitator

Facilitating Learning II - The Authentic Facilitator

This one is all about YOU


Join us at an upcoming session and learn how to:

  • Leverage your Storytelling
  • Strengthen your Presence
  • Enhance your Technique


Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?


Please sign up for this course and we will invoice you when the course runs. We will invoice you for $599.95 + HST - 40% off the regular price.



Facilitators: Bindi Doshi Tatla and Quintin Fox

In this workshop, we will build on the Facilitation Fundamentals course and shift the focus from the learner to the facilitator as the subject. This course will cover key topics such as the power of storytelling, establishing facilitator presence in the classroom, managing group dynamics and other advanced facilitation techniques. 

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