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Articulate Rise 360 Advanced

Articulate Rise 360 Advanced

Think all Rise courses are the same? Think again!


Facilitator: Joyce Chan Maurais


Take your Rise 360 courses to new levels of customization and interaction.


You need access to Articulate 360 (trial is fine) to complete this course. Do to the advanced nature of the course, to attend you need prior experience in Articulate Rise 360 and be competent building basic courses. 


It's recommended that participants have a 2nd screen to use during certain parts of the course.

This is the ideal course for performance and learning professionals who want to take their Rise 360 skills to the next level by customizing their courses. 

In this virtual course, you'll receive instructions on how to complete advanced tasks and then have time to practice building slides with support from your facilitators and course peers. 

C$999.95 Regular Price
C$699.97Sale Price
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