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Certificate courses from Canada's performance and learning authority

I4PL's purpose is to elevate the performance of the Canadian workforce. We foster collaboration, spark innovation, and create opportunities to upgrade skills - now directly through our certificate programs.

Get the knowledge and skills you need to be a leader in the performance and learning industry from Canada's performance and learning authority.
Choose from two industry-leading Master Certificate programs or an ever-growing catalogue of individual certificates. Online course now available!

Top Six Reasons to Choose I4PL and Schulich ExecEd Certificate Programs


The Competencies

We’re the only certificate program in Canada that aligns completely with the Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals (a couple of our people helped write the Competencies).

Masters Certificate in Workplace Performance and Learning vs CTDP

(Masters Certificate vs Certification)

A common question we hear is, "What's the difference between certification and a certificate?"

I4PL offers certification with our CTDP and CTP designations, and opportunities for certificates available through this site.

Both benefit your career, but generally speaking, certification is more valuable. I4PL requires you to have a minimum level of experience, pass a knowledge assessment and submit a skills demonstration for approval by our assessment team. 

When you complete the Masters Certificate in Workplace Performance and Learning, you receive one year credit toward your CTDP experience requirement.

Certificate programs, like ours, typically indicate the completion of a course or program with a specific focus. Our courses are open to anyone who wants to attend. Whether you are experienced, new to the industry, or somewhere in between, you'll find value in the skills and knowledge reviewed. 


Many people find certificate programs are a great way to prepare for certification or a way to refocus skills learned informally. 

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